Stylus Sketches

Personal project dedicated to drawing 100 of my favourite albums (in no particular order).


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I've always dabbled in drawing but never really committed to completing a piece of art that I'm happy with. However, due to the lock-down, I found myself with more spare time and a hand me down iPad Pro from my girlfriend. So why not set me a goal to not only complete some art but a collection of my top 100 favourite albums hand-drawn (in no particular order).

Originally I was planning on just sharing these images on my personal Instagram account with no name or brand identity. However, after speaking with Emily about the idea. We came up with a name and identity for the project, this then led me to design and build an entire site alongside its own Instagram account.

As the website itself is only a small JAMstack site, which is solely developed and maintained by myself, I can have a high preformat site which can be easily scaled in the future. I have many plans to evolve the site as the collection gets bigger, some features will include; a full list of albums that have been drawn and are still to come, filters to find albums quickly and an overall colour wheel.

The website is still ongoing but I'm happy with the progress and the conception (thanks to Emily again). The site is a great way of showing the art and once the additional features are added it'll be more than just a showcase of albums.